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Sweet Dreams Bath Bomb

Sweet Dreams Bath Bomb

If you need a little "you" time, to relax and unwind, drop this bath bomb into your tub and enjoy a sense of pure blissful relaxation.

To use, fill bath. Drop bath bomb in water & enjoy the experience. Dim lights & pair with your favourite beverage & unplug & unwind. For the ultimate self care routine, pair with our Whipped Body Scrub. 

Made with pure Lavender essential oil and dried local lavender buds it will be sure to relax you for a peaceful sleep.

Handmade in White Rock, B.C.


Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, cream of tarter, kaolin clay, slsa, polysoberte 80 , Paraben free fragrance oil, and skin safe bath bomb colourant, dried lavender buds.

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